Chers Amis! Dear Friends!

Centre de Bien-Etre Le Weekend will be closed as of the 1st of July until further notice due to the building transformation works planned between 06 2013 and 12 2014. We regret not to be able to be of service to you during this period.

Centre de Bien-Etre Le Weekend sera fermé à partir du 01 Juillet jusqu’à nouvel ordre en raison des travaux de la transformation complète du bâtiment prévus pour 06 2013 and 12 2014. Nous regrettons de ne pas être à votre service pendant cette période.

On behalf of Le Weekend I would like to thank you for your commitment, attitude and loyalty. We wish you all the best and an excellent summer!

Pour les personnes sédentaires

Venez découvrir le Power Plate

Il vous redonnera l’envie d’avoir une activité physique

Venez découvrir le Power Plate en une séance coaché individuelle et gratuite

Découvrir une nou-velle façon de faire du sport
Ludique, efficace, personnalisé
Suivi tout au long de vos séances par un coach Power Plate individuel
Le Power plate permet aussi une préparation physique avant
« Notre renommé »
Bâtie par une multitude d’exercice de tous niveaux qui ont conquit Notre clientèle

Abdos – Dos – Fessier

Raffermir, affiner, renforcer

Nous vous invitons pour une consultation gratuite et sans obligation pour choisir le traitement individuel.

Appelez nous au 021 922 5239!

Cryo Mesotherapy

Do you buy face cosmetics that are worth a fortune? Do you follow regular Botox and/or hyaluronic acid treatment routine? Do you always look younger and fresher after holidays? How serious are you about your face? Would you trust your face in the hands of a doubtful practitioner in a low reputation place? These are trivial questions with not quite obvious answers.

Face is THE most important area in aesthetics, although you might think body treatments are more popular. Having found a solution that works for your face would help to resolve a multitude of concerns: anxiety, frequent “blues”, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, irritability and many others. A very simple proof to this is our usual solution to a better self – a visit to the hairdresser. Changing your hair style – changes your face.

Offering a classic facial comes very much into vogue these days, because we – women and men – have tried it all from Botox and Platelet Rich Plasma to Carboxytherapy. But those who ever tried a mesotherapy or a bio-revitalisation would remain loyal to these treatments for many years, and including those of us who dare try surgery.

Classical mesotherapy or a bio-revitalisation means needles. How many know that for a number of years now, a top-notch French laboratory Filorga has been offering the mesotherapy built on the use of Filorga tiny little cryo lift machine and Filorga renowned cocktails of youth: the NCTF. The fantastic NCTF gel is saturated with more than 50 (!!!) active ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, lysine, arginine, tryptophane, folic acid, vitamin E, and thiamine. When, during the treatment it is combined either with vitamin A or collagen, the results are absolutely amazing. The facial that brings out refreshed and radiant appearance, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, firming up, diminishing of spots and blotches, filling–in of unsightly skin folds.

The same results as those normally obtained in a course of classical mesotherapy. A tiny difference between Cryo Mesotherapy and classsical mesotherapy – there are no needles involved in Cryo Mesotherapy. That means there is no pain, no side effects and no psychological discomfort. Filorga laboratory that is renowned for their top quality injections, pioneered this no-discomfort treatment, building on their huge experience of injections. The pleasure does not come cheap however, on average, Filorga Cryo Lift with mesotherapy products costs € 160-180 per session. Still way lower than clinic injections. The choice is yours!

You can book a session of Filorga cryo mesotherapy at Centre de Bien-Etre Le Weekend at rue de Bourg 25, Lausanne, call 021 922 52 39 or email Le Weekend for reservations.


Centre de Bien-Etre Le Weekend is a modern Centre of Well-Being.

We would like to invite you for a short tour to discover our pioneering aesthetic

care for face and body.


Our spacious, modern and cosy Centre de Bien-Etre Le Weekend is located in the centre of Lausanne, on the 2nd floor at rue de Bourg 25.

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